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To serve the broadcast and land mobile industries as a whole, in 1985, we began to develop propagation software to perform the necessary channel and siting searches to facilitate vital spectrum management.  As we were contacted by more and more industry executives, we were persuaded to design better interfaces for the software and ultimately began to market the software to the U.S. and International markets.

As the years progressed, many other goals were achieved at RadioSoft:

1986 First High Speed Contour Calculator

1987 First Integrated 3D Viewer and Propagation Engine

1989 First Real Terrain Based Interference Analysis

1990 First True Shadow Matrix

1991 First Integrated Program Suite with Instant Precalculated Contours

1992 First High Speed 3 Arc Second Terrain Engine

1995 First Integrated Windows Application

1998 ComStudy introduced with first Real Time 3D Viewer and Analysis Tool

1999 First Instant Imager for all types of Coverage and Interference displays

1999 Frequency Finder (TM) online coordination tool

2000 First Optimized, High Speed Database Engine for Serving Transmitter Data

2001 RadioForms 601 and Frequency Finder online Frequency Coordination system offered for FCC Designated Part 90 application processing and electronic filing

2003 RadioCompass planning begins

2004 Relocated to Northeast Georgia

2004 Appointed as a Millimeter Wave Database Administrator by the FCC

2005 American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) frequency coordination and application processing brought in-house

2008 American Automobile Association (AAA) frequency coordination and application processing brought in-house

2010 Appointed as a White Space Database Administrator by the FCC

2012 Manufacturers Frequency Advisory Committee (MRFAC) frequency coordination and application processing brought in-house

2014 Purchased by LS telcom – Lichtenau, Germany

2014 Relocated to Professional Park of Clarkesville, GA

2016 Began Offering Advanced Services including Spectrum Management, Broadcast Planning Tools, and Radio Monitoring


Building on our continued philosophy as A Customer Friendly Company we have the finest staff that truly care about what you need and want as a radio engineer; radio shop proprietor; or frequency coordination customer.

Your support, feedback and encouragement has allowed us much success. We thank you.