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RadioCompass - System Requirements

Operating System

RadioCompass is designed for Microsoft Windows. Supported Windows platforms are:

  •     Windows 2000 (all versions)†
  •     Windows XP (all versions)
  •     Windows Vista (all versions)††
  •     Windows 7 (all versions)††


Minimum of 1GB. We suggest 3GB.

Disk Space

Base program size is around 4GB. 500GB drives can easily be utilized.


1280 x 1024 minimum, widescreen or multiple monitors preferred.


3 GHz minimum, multicore preferred.

Internet Connection

Required to log in, for updates, and for FCC database searches. We suggest at least a 1.5M/384K DSL connection.


†Windows 2000

Due to features being added to RadioCompass, Windows 2000 may become unsupported.

††Windows Vista / Windows 7

While RadioCompass is compatible with both Windows 7 and Vista, , it does require rights to the HKLM registry hive. This means that the program needs to run as Administrator. As Windows Vista and 7 run Administrator accounts at the user level, you must force this setting by right-clicking on the ComStudy icon, going to Properties, then the Compatibility tab, then checking the box at the bottom to "Run As Administrator". You can also skip this step by disabling UAC in Windows.

Note that any RadioCompass disc produced after mid-2008 does the above for you.