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ComStudy 2.2 Requirements

Operation System

ComStudy is designed for Microsoft Windows and is compatible from NT through Windows 10 with the caveats listed below.


Must be a minimum of 128 MB. If you plan to perform detailed studies with many transmitters, the program can easily utilize 3 GB.

Disk Space

Recommended 1 - 3 GB for installation of program, terrain, databases, & data files.


Should be at least 17" (diagonal). The video resolution required in 1024 x 768 (minimum) at 16 bit color. If space is not a factor, ComStudy will benefit from having two monitors available (one for text and one for maps). We have found this mode (which is supported by all above Windows versions) instantly addictive. Higher resolution such as 1080p or above is encouraged.


Processor speed should be at least 200 MHz. We recommend 1 GHz and above for faster calculation times. AMD was previously favored over Intel for its improved floating point computational speed, though Intel's i5 and i7 line is now used exclusively at RadioSoft.

Internet Access

Required for program updates and access to radio databases. See here for detailed information.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

The easiest way to accomplish this is to run the program as Administrator. As Windows Vista and newer run Administrator accounts at the user level, you must force this setting by right-clicking on the ComStudy icon, going to Properties, then the Compatibility tab, then checking the box at the bottom to "Run As Administrator". You can also skip this step by disabling UAC in Windows.

If the above is not possible, then the RadioSoft key and folder can be manually configured for read/write access.

Note that any ComStudy disc produced after mid-2008 does the above for you.