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RadioForms 601 Features

Online data is at your fingertips with RadioForms 601. You can search by applications, frequencies, states, counties, point and radius and many other criteria. The query form looks like this:

Notice that you can select multiple criteria--this query will return only applications licensed to the State of Oklahoma and located in Edmond and within the designated frequency range. You can also extract the results of this search to Excel or ComStudy.

Here's a picture of the entire 601 Form. The top part (called the Application Preview) stores the search results.

Here you can also see the first page of the Main page of Form 601.

Other instant online features of RadioForm 601 include:

  • Elevation and HAAT extraction
  • Safe Harbor calculation
  • Glide Slope testing
  • Coordinate conversion (NAD 27 to/from NAD 83)
  • Status tracking (while in coordination)
  • FCC License Query
  • Automatic Form 159 Generation
  • Conversion from Form 600 to 601
  • ...and others that we may add from time to time.


All RadioForms products are completely integrated with RadioSoft's current ComStudy Radio Engineering tools.