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ComStudy Changelog - 2018-07-20

Corrects an issue that was causing the FS Matrix to be invalidated erroneously
Update to tab order on all Site Information dialog boxes
Corrects potential buffer overrun issues with the Site Information extended fields (Comments tab)
Corrects long-standing AGL/AMSL/RC-AMSL issues with created sites not properly calculating
Resolve issues with and conform HAAT calculations in Site Information, the HAAT Calculator, and Frequency Finder (more updates to follow)
Restored previously-disabled "Result set from database..." message to alert users of issues with searching
Corrects assertion failure which could occur when loading studies which had been saved with an old population layer active - 2018-06-22

Add support for TV AMD (amendment) status
Updates to Frequency Finder TV Query routine to correct/update/handle assert issues experience by some users (out of bounds errors)
Corrections to handling of the "H6" ZIP code file
Empty search term handling - notification to user that no search terms were entered
Fix to erroneous HAAT values displayed on some queried radios requiring HAAT to be manually calculated - 2018-06-02

Corrects FM third-adjacent "Use" checkbox behavior when configuring or updating Frequency Finder
Corrects FM Class dropdown behavior within Frequency Finder
FM contour changes now apply properly when in the Frequency Finder grid
Updates KML formatting to remove path to bitmap allowing for better file portability
Adds ethnicities to AM population underlay selection
Addresses assertion for certain TV frequency finder studies
Additional TV statuses to support LMS database integration - EXP, STA, STA APP
New fields added to General and Comments tabs in Site Information in support of internal database connections - 2018-04-25

Address memory heap issues seen when attempting to export to Google Earth.
Adds back the 3rd Adjacent option and sets 2nd Adjacent to be enabled by default. (Requested by numerous users) - 2018-04-23

Updates to ComStudy's license/permissions handling.User permissions, addons, etc. are now updated automatically without requiring sending of a new profile.
The user's name and company name are filled in the title bar automatically based on the license. - 2018-03-08

This release adds the long-awaited Google Earth export functionality no longer requiring a multi-step process. To access this feature, calculate a site matrix, then right-click on the map and choose "Export Map to Google Earth."
This process creates a KML and BMP file which must be moved or distributed together in order to be properly displayed in Google Earth. - 2018-02-15

Resolve Active Only functionality issue with some radio statuses
Use default browser instead of Internet Explorer
HELP | ABOUT improvements
Windows 10 compatibility updates
Corrects issues with My Downloads / Account
Correct Rx AGL usage with talk back matrices - 2018-01-31

Beginning with ComStudy 2.2.15, updates and support require an active recurring subscription or support product.
Please contact sales@radiosoft.com for more information.

Corrected the internal order of Matrix-based contours of types Maximum, Median and Minimum
Fixed a bug in some Longley-Rice talk-back studies which defaulted the Rx antenna height to 2 meters
Corrected code reading ENBW.dat (the bandwidth file used by TSB-88) to reflect enumerated modulation types
Corrected search by City, search by County and Search by Licensee to parse more than five characters
Improved automatic loading of multiple adjacent terrain files
HAAT calculation fixes
Base Station RX Antenna Height now used for Talkback Matrix calculations
Option to restore "lost" windows
Active Only function now works as expected
800 band expanded to include 746-1000
kFactor now used in Matrix calculations
"Census 2000" underlay now labeled "Population" to address Census 2010 confusion as well as support international files.
1990s-era population data no longer used, available, or supported
Population Underlay option removed from context menu and replace with Census
Remote Support option available from HELP menu (TeamViewer)
ZIP codes are now in text/csv format
Fixes to the search function which would previously cause program / server errors
In LPFM studies, 2nd adjacent is now option, 3rd adjacent is no longer used and hidden
Landuse attenuation in matrix calculations now set to false by default
Additional context menus available
Registration support for 2016 (inconsequential with regards to "Login" version)
Secondary Server option is now functional
AM rules now in XML format to support rule changes. The current file only matches what was in the previous .dat file (no new rules applied)
Various contact updates
"Detailed Report" ARN fix
Memory allocation / deallocation fixes
Buffer overrun updates
Various stability updates
Message boxes should no longer appear behind windows (giving the appearance of program lockup)
Antenna pattern database update - 2008-12-04

Corrected Assertion Failure in certain sites with Okumura-based matrices when applying a Matrix-based Contour
Corrected loading of newly edited three second terrain files in the Southern Hemisphere - 2008-11-05

Fixed bug in Excel Import from Clipboard in LM Bands
Corrected terrain loading error due to overlapping of East and West US 3 second files
Corrected terrain loading error causing striping at equator
Corrected DAQ default for APCO input files to 3.0, reset warning message
Changed hard-coded internal DAQ default from 3.4 to 3.0 per PSCC meeting
Changed AM "q-with-loss" default to assume 1 kW
Restored operation of Active-only filter when querying ULS Granted - 2008-10-09

Changed hard-coded internal DAQ default from 3.4 to 3.0 per PSCC meeting
Changed AM "q-with-loss" default to assume 1 kW
Restored operation of Active-only filter when querying ULS Granted - 2008-07-28

Notes: Starting with Version 2.2.6.x, all ComStudy users can now access their account through the Help Menu at My Downloads/Account (Account contains upgrades, system files, credits and user profiles) Fixed broken coordinate lookup for site elevations
Fixed initialization of several obscure variables
Restored access for clipboard import of transmitter data