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Radio Monitoring with LS OBSERVER

Spectrum regulators and operators alike need to permanently "monitor" the real use of the entire spectrum to identify and locate both unused and underused frequencies as well as interference in order to effectively manage spectrum.


  • monitors the entire frequency spectrum
  • captures everything all the time
  • all data is stored and any data can be retrieved at any time for instant intelligent decision making


How does it work?

  • You can "observe" the complete frequency range and carry out detailed analysis on raw spectrum observation data that is stored for 30 days.
  • The system automatically compresses and stores the entire observed spectrum throughout the tuning range of the attached RF front, while noise and zero occupancy are removed. You can store the compressed data for about two years.
  • Save on a costly and complex backhaul solution as with LS OBSERVER the measurement data is stored within the remote monitoring unit. Intelligent software will sort out the necessary information and only the data required for analysis is transferred to the central server. You can retrieve exactly the data you need with the help of search filters. This is why only little infrastructure is needed to connect to the RF front end device. In addition, the transferred data is stored on the central server and, if needed once more, does not have to be retrieved again from the monitoring unit.
  • ITU compatible: LS OBSERVER monitoring hardware and software solution is compatible with all monitoring guidelines and recommendations in the ITU spectrum monitoring handbook.



LS OBSERVER PMU (Portable Monitoring Unit) English PDF

Detailed information about Radio Monitoring

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