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RadioCompass® is a radio engineering program everyone can use.

Selectable interfaces for new and experienced users

Automatic program upgrades at program start

Compatibility with most Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Layer Management, including:

  • Road Map Layer
  • Multiple Background Layers
  • Transparency Control

New Land Mobile Interference protocols, including:

  • Mobile-to-Base (two mobile areas received by one base station antenna)
  • Mobile-to-Mobile (two random mobile-to-mobile paths from different areas)
  • 6.25 kHz super-narrowband adjacent channel analysis (in progress)

Higher resolution cells—

  • use 30 meter and 10 meter terrain data in one second cells or smaller
  • high resolution Land Use/Land Clutter data for CONUS

RadioCompass is a multithreaded application. This gives you the ability to continue working with the program while waiting for a calculation to finish.