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RadioForms 601 Overview

RadioForm 601 is a Windows computer program which permits electronic control of all aspects of FCC Form 601 data management. You can choose which parts of the 601 form you wish to use, according to which FCC Rule Part you are filing under. All RadioForms products are completely integrated with RadioSoft's current ComStudy Radio Engineering tools. For Hardware requirements, click Here.


FCC Part 90 - Schedules D and H

RadioSoft now offers wholesale frequency coordination service to Part 90 FCC Designated Frequency Coordinators. If you wish to file FCC 601 forms with one of the coordinators using our service, you may download this free of charge.

If you wish to:

  1. Store and retrieve multiple applications
  2. Search FCC Granted and Pending databases
  3. Save templates for easy re-entry of often used data
  4. View History files of everything you've sent, and re-enter them as templates
  5. Export your application data in the FCC EBF format for emailing
  6. Check HAAT, Terrain, Glide Slope, Safe Harbor and NAD 27 Conversion
  7. Print your Form 601 on demand

Join the crowd by calling or emailing us to arrange for downloading or upgrading your 601 software to the full professional version.

For corporate installations, RadioSoft can enable RadioForm 601 with Client/Server functionality in a multi-user environment: just call for a quote.



FCC Parts 74 and 101 - Schedule I

This choice enables RadioForm 601 for point-to-point applications in Parts 74, 90 and 101, and for Broadcast Auxiliary services. Never before has managing data for these services been so easy!