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1. Frequency Coordination Request   < Back to FCC Licensing Page Please note: Entered information will get lost if you leave this page  
2. RadioForms   RadioForms You can choose which parts of the 601 form you wish to use according to which FCC Rule Part you are filing under. RadioForms is completely integrated with RadioSoft's current ComStudy…  
3. Radio Engineering Software   Our Software Designed and optimized for the Broadcast and Land Mobile industries, our software will help you design radio systems, find available frequencies, predict interference, and comply with…  
4. Support  
URL: /support/
Support ...a Customer Friendly Company Resources Find below useful resources Support  
5. Industries   Industries The markets we serve Industries  
6. Products  
URL: /products/
Products & Services Products & Services Our Portfolio Comprehensive Solutions for the Electromagnetic Spectrum Market Dive deeper into the product portfolio of LS telcom  
7. AM / FM / TV Broadcast   AM/FM/TV Broadcast Channel Search, New Station Allocation Studies, Coverage Prediction, Population and Demographic Studies, Market Expansion and Development are all projects that ComStudy handles…  
8. Connection Information   Software Connection Information Where ports 80 and 443 are referenced, please note that these do not pass HTTP traffic and may be blocked by proxies. If you need any assistance, please email…  
9. Military   Military ComStudy is used for Coverage Prediction; Tower Locating; Terrain Analysis; Interference Studies supporting Homeland Security efforts. Other projects and services are provided to fit the…  
10. Private Two-Way Radio Users / Dealers   Private Two-Way Radio Users / Dealers ComStudy with FrequencyFinder can be used for Frequency Determination; Coverage Prediction; Interference Studies; Tower Locating; Terrain Analysis, System…  
Search results 1 until 10 of 23