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Control of all aspects of FCC Form 601 data management.

You can choose which parts of the 601 form you wish to use according to which FCC Rule Part you are filing under. RadioForms is completely integrated with RadioSoft's current ComStudy Radio Engineering tools.

FCC Part 90 - Schedules D and H

RadioSoft now offers wholesale frequency coordination service to Part 90 FCC Designated Frequency Coordinators. If you wish to file FCC 601 forms with one of the coordinators using our service, you may download this free of charge.

If you wish to:

  • Store and retrieve multiple applications
  • Search FCC Granted and Pending databases
  • Save templates for easy re-entry of often used data
  • View History files of everything you've sent, and re-enter them as templates
  • Export your application data in the FCC EBF format for emailing
  • Check HAAT, Terrain, Glide Slope, Safe Harbor and NAD 27 Conversion
  • Print your Form 601 on demand

Join the crowd by calling or emailing us to arrange for downloading or upgrading your 601 software to the full professional version.

For corporate installations, RadioSoft can enable RadioForm 601 with Client/Server functionality in a multi-user environment: just call for a quote.

FCC Parts 74 and 101 - Schedule I

This choice enables RadioForm 601 for point-to-point applications in Parts 74, 90 and 101, and for Broadcast Auxiliary services. Never before has managing data for these services been so easy!

More about RadioForms 601

Find here all resources

Online data is at your fingertips with RadioForms 601. You can search by applications, frequencies, states, counties, point and radius and many other criteria.

Notice that you can select multiple criteria--this query will return only applications licensed to the State of Oklahoma and located in Edmond and within the designated frequency range. You can also extract the results of this search to Excel or ComStudy.

The top part (called the Application Preview) of the 601 Form stores the search results.

Other instant online features of RadioForm 601 include:

  • Elevation and HAAT extraction
  • Safe Harbor calculation
  • Glide Slope testing
  • Coordinate conversion (NAD 27 to/from NAD 83)
  • Status tracking (while in coordination)
  • FCC License Query
  • Automatic Form 159 Generation
  • Conversion from Form 600 to 601
  • ...and others that we may add from time to time.

All RadioForms products are completely integrated with RadioSoft's current ComStudy Radio Engineering tools.

Operating System

RadioForms will run on any version of Windows from 95 to 10 with the caveats listed below.


32 MB (Windows 95, 98)

64 MB (Windows NT, ME, 2000 or XP)

Hard Drive Space

20 MB required for the program. Storing applications and exhibits locally will require more space - anything 64GB and greater is sufficient for most users.


Recommended 15" Monitor or larger at 1024 x 768 x High Color. Higher resolution such as 1080p is recommended.


200 MHz or better CPU (Intel or AMD)

Internet Access

Required. See here for detailed information.

RadioForms 601 Download Area

This program is only for online access to file FCC Form 601 Applications with a FCC Certified Frequency coordinator receiving service from RadioSoft. Currently, these are:

  • FIT Forest Industries Telecommunications
  • MRFAC Manufacturer's Radio Service
  • AAR Association of American Railroads
  • AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • AAA American Automobile Association

If you wish to enter and file one application at a time online with one of these coordinators, download the program from this page. When you do so, we will receive the information you enter, and will respond to the email address you provide with a user name and password to permit you access to your chosen coordinator's servers.

NOTE: This program doesn't fully support Windows 95: for Hardware requirements, see above.

If you wish to expand to a full-featured 601 database program which, in addition to data entry and coordinator filing will permit you to:

  • Store, work on and retrieve multiple simultaneous applications
  • Search FCC Granted and Pending databases with incomparable speed to fill in your form
  • Save templates for easy re-entry of often used data (never re-type your address!)
  • View complete History files of everything you've sent, and re-enter them as templates too
  • Export your application data in the FCC EBF format for emailing to anyone
  • Print your Form 601 on demand

...all you have to do is call or email us and we can immediately upgrade you to enable our full 601 service.

Alternatively, you may fill out our Frequency Coordination Request form.

If you forget your login and password please call 888.RADIO95 (888.723.4695)

Please fill out the form below to download the RadioForm 601 Coordinator Access Setup file:

Note: Your login and password will be emailed to you at the above address within two business days. Help and Technical Support for RadioForm 601 will be provided by your chosen FCC Certified Frequency Coordinator.

#10193: Specialized software for the completion, local storage, printing and electronic filing of the FCC Form 601.

  • RadioForms 601 - Local storage, printing and file exchange (Schedule D & H): $595.00
  • RadioForms 601 - Schedule I: $1295.00
  • RadioForms 601C - Online filing with coordinators with print ability for applications sent.: No Charge
  • RadioForms 601S - Corporate installations, both of the above with Client/Server functionality in a multi-user environment.: Priced on Request

Online FCC license data downloading capability (requires login and password) Avaliable on a per record cost or as an annual subscription. Data may only be used with RadioForms (#10193)

#10200: Block of 100 Credits (Minimum Purchase) (Valid for one year): $100.00

  • # of Records Retrieved | Credits Used:
    • 0-500 Records: 2 Credits
    • 501-2000 Records:  4 Credits
    • 2001-5000 Records: 6 Credits
    • 5001 - 10000 Records: 8 Credits
    • 10001+ Records: 10 Credits

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