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About Us

...a Customer Friendly Company

To serve the broadcast and land mobile industries as a whole, in 1985, RadioSoft began to develop a propagation software solution to perform the necessary channel and siting searches to facilitate vital spectrum management.

As we were contacted by more and more industry executives, we were persuaded to design better interfaces for the software and ultimately began to market the software to the U.S. and International markets.

It has always been our goal to keep in close contact with those who use our software and database products. Constant feedback and advice has helped us develop our services for broad and specific Broadcast and Land Mobile Radio concerns in the private and public markets.

RadioSoft was acquired by LS telcom, Lichtenau, Baden, Germany in 2014, and this has allowed us to continue to expand our knowledge, client base, and services to further benefit the world’s wireless telecommunications needs.

Building on our continued philosophy as A Customer Friendly Company we have the finest staff that truly care about what you need and want as a radio engineer, radio shop proprietor, or frequency coordination customer. Your support, feedback, and encouragement has allowed us much success. We thank you.

Further information about LS telcom

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